About Us

The Association Zeit!Raum

Zeit!Raum, a community-oriented Social Profit Organisation (SPO), works since more than 20 years in the fields of children and youth work, cultural and social work, support of refugees and asylum seekers, scientific research and development. The association wants to enhance socio-cultural work in all its fields of activity.

Socio-cultural work means creating transgenerational and transcultural possibilities of contacts and communi­cation while using and strengthening existing commu­nicative and cultural structures of places, people and various ways of thinking. The association sees its task in encouraging independent acting and thus making social justice and equality of opportunities regarding everyday life, work and education of all people possible.

The name “Zeit!Raum” means that our association takes time (Zeit) and offers space (Raum) for people through various projects.
We offer time and space for problems of our target groups, for their needs and ideas – in order to develop new perspectives and solutions.


An overview of the association‘s projects

Starting from the positive impact of educational concepts in children and youth work in 1995, Zeit!Raum has been initiating and supporting various sociocultural projects for a broader target group all over Austria ever since.

Besides children, young people, families, inhabitants of the district and migrants, another important target group of Zeit!Raum are (minor) asylum seekers and refugees. These people are offered support, accommodation and help in integration through the projects “Tempus” and the “communal residence for minor asylum seekers” at Heumarkt and Fischergasse.

Through the development of quality standards and education manuals and through the carrying out of qualification courses together with partners from the fields of education, IT and social work, the association is aiming at a long-term integration into the labour market for asylum seekers.

Zeit!Raum develops innovative concepts in the field of social science, at the interface between theory and practice.

Above all, our fields of activity include the research in the field of the labour market, antidiscrimination and the intercultural and transgenerational dialogue with the aim of future-oriented solutions of problems. Further priorities of Zeit!Raum are the coordination of socio-scientific research assignments, statistic evalua­tions and the development and carrying out of projects in the fields of primary and further education, family counselling and integration.

Networking and cooperation

The association is aiming at the consolidation and broadening of the room for manoeuvre in the sense of trans-nationality through new developmental cooperation with other EU and non-EU countries.

Through successfully finished projects and existing development partnerships, the association has already developed a network of partners in Austria and abroad.
The exchange of cultures, knowledge and experi­ences has already taken place with similar instituti­ons from Germany, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Iran, England, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy.

It is not only at this level, but also in our daily work that we meet a culturally broad target group, which means that we need a lot of cultural sensitivity and good cooperation.


In the development of our concepts, innovation, participation and lastingness are important factors. With its various projects, the association wants to react to topics like the discrimination of some sections of the population, educational and labour market policies and the youth unemployment rate and to put attempts for the solution of problems into practice. Zeit!Raum wants to give a feeling of belonging to the community to all the target groups through the respective projects.

The aim of our work is the furthering, support and assistance through intercultural, integrative and transgenerational cooperation.
In our fields of activity we are dependent on finan­cial support. At this place we would like to thank for the support!

Find below a english PP-Presentation about Zeit!Raum and Working Principles in the Field of  Youth-Work:
Zeit!Raum Präsentation-engl-2016