ZEIT!RAUM awards & prizes


In the year 2005, Zeit!Raum was awarded the “Sozi­al Marie” prize for the project “the secret garden for girls”. This commendation is given to innovative social projects.

The innovative thing about the “secret garden” is that it is a semi-public area that girls and women can use at certain times and the visibility of which they determine themselves. Another innovative aspect is the fact that va­rious groups of girls and women can find a peaceful place for expressing themselves in the very heart of the city.


Best practice example

The training course “to learn with each other from each other” which was carried out by Zeit!Raum in March 2006 was chosen and awarded as “best practice” example in the area “youth” by the national agency “Youth”. The project that had been financed by the EU was chosen as an example due to its innovative character.

The contents of the program that was carried out by youth workers and partner organisations from all over Europe were intercultural and transgenerational learning processes. Partners from Hungary, Italy, Germany and Great Britain learned a lot of new things about different methods of working with young people, migrants and elderly people.

With the exchange program “Youth 4 Europe”, that was presented and discussed during the training program, the first youth exchange for Austrian young people who were invited to Hungary took place.