Your donation will be used exclusively and directly for persons or groups participating in and supported by our projects! Persons and groups supported are e.g.: families with many children, refugees, asylum seekers, children or teenagers.

Support is granted in three ways:

  • social: help for finding a place to live, organising admainstrative tasks or integration in the educational system
  • financial
  • forwarding donations in kind

We are also grateful about:

  • donations in kind
  • advertising space
  • discount rates for renting permises
  • working in an honorary capacity

You will receive a complete annual statement with explicit information about the usage of your donation.

If you wish to donate for a specific project, please contact us directly.

Bank account information:

Account number: 03 110 815 890

IBAN: AT151400003110815890
BAWAG, Bankleitzahl: 14 000


It is also possible to make donation via paypal or visa: