Welcome at Zeit!Raum!

“Zeit“ (time) “Raum“ (space):

People need time and space to develop and enfold. The more time and space we invest in children and young people, the better they can develop their personal assets. Some adults also need support during difficult situations in life. People need time to think, to regenerate and to renew; they need space which provides protection in order to start a new future.

Following these thoughts, our organisation is named “Zeit“ (time) “Raum“ (space).

Zeit!Raum is a SPO (Social Profit Organisation) which was founded more than 20 years ago (1995) and has continued to expand its fields of work.

The first principles of our organisation – social fairness, equal opportunities, solidarity and tolerance – also constitute the targets and orientation for the diverse tasks in our daily work.

Beginning with pre-school activities to the point of generation overlapping work, the association accompanies and supports people of all age groups. Seeing others perspectives, listening to their concerns, creating new spaces of interaction, taking time to implement new ideas – lifelong and border crossing – this has successfully been done in many sectors.

Zeit!Raum links its practical everyday experiences with international exchange and scientific monitoring. In the past years Zeit!Raum has established a social scientific and project accompanying research sector. Integration and re-integration are main issues relating to the problems confronted by society.

Zeit!Raum is active in children and youth work, cultural and social work, refugee and asylum seeker counselling, research and development.

The association Zeit!Raum is a relatively small SPO and as such, always confronted with new financial and bureaucratic obstacles and challenges.

But however the employees get recompensed in the daily work with people. The people Zeit!Raum works with, are the ones who make it clear to the Zeit!Raum-team, just how important this work is. When they receive new chances and possibilities, we as association are proud. These are the social profits that reward most. Thanks to all of our employees for their outstanding dedication the past  20 years of social work have been possible.

The aim of our work is the furthering, support and assistance through intercultural, integrative and transgenerational cooperation.
In our fields of activity we are dependent on finan­cial support. At this place we also want to thank all our grantors and cooperating institutions for their support!

Find below a english PP-Presentation about Zeit!Raum and Working Principles in the Field of  Youth-Work:
Zeit!Raum Präsentation-engl-2016